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Introduction of Trail Environmental Education Programme

Lantau Island has abundant trail resources, connecting its unique rural history and culture with natural ecology, landscapes, scenery, etc. – all of which are worthy of admiration. Through a range of trail care activities, this Programme aims at introducing trail resources on Lantau Island to the public, while promoting conservation of nature and the concept of ‘leave no trace’.

In addition to introducing hiking trails on Lantau Island, the Programme hopes to connect the community and hikers through an array of activities, and encourage the public to give back to nature by taking actions such as trail cleaning and maintenance. Let us cherish Lantau Island together!




Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau

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Repair Your Own Trail

Trail Volunteer Training

Hike in Lantau, Cherish Lantau

Public Seminar and Activity Series

Hong Kong Trails Day 2022

Greening Lantau


Far from the city’s hustle and bustle, Lantau Island features a range of nature trails as well as some preserved historic sites and villages. To gain a deep understanding of the countryside of Lantau Island, there is no better way than ‘strolling’ through each and every part of it. Take a hike to the mountains and visit ruins of ancient villages, popular ecological spots, etc. to admire the charm of the island. As time goes by, and with development of surrounding areas, the scenery along these trails have inevitably undergone considerable alterations, where drastic changes to Lantau’s landscape have also been observed. Through this Programme, we hope the public will be encouraged to explore the trails and culture of their neighbouring areas, so as to establish a connection between human and nature through conservation, and to foster public appreciation and care for the natural environment of Lantau Island.


As tourists enjoy nature, what kind of mentality do they have – are they just consuming it or do they show a respect for it? In recent years, with an increasing number of visitors to Lantau’s countryside, there are nevertheless more environmental impact. The Programme aims to encourage Leave No Trace and promote hiking with environmental ethics and mountaineering education, which would in a way reduce damages to nature. In addition, mountain trail volunteer activities will be organised to enhance a sense of belongings to Lantau Island by giving back to nature, and deepen the public’s sense of mission in preserving Lantau Island.